Dec 132021
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A handmade gift is always very meaningful during the holidays and as woodworkers we’ve got a lot of tools in our belt to help us make the perfect gift.

Whether it is a small puzzle toy for a child or grandchild or a brand new kitchen table, many of us have been in our workshops all month (or even all year) working on the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

In this month’s poll, we want to know what you’ve made/are still working on for the holiday gift giving season this year? (If what you’ve made isn’t listed, please add it to ‘Other’).

  One Response to “December 2021 Woodworking Poll: What Are You Making for the Holidays?”

  1. This is my first visit to this site, but so far made and sent a set of letter/number/ picture blocks for my G Granddaughter who is voice limited. Also have hand and power carved a pair of coupled hands greeting in wood that is full size for my daughter-in-law in walnut.

    I have a blog that I save my carvings in . Thank you for asking.

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