Jan 032022
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It’s a new year and as with the start of many new years, a lot of us have things we want to accomplish or change. This month we want to know if you have a resolution specifically geared toward woodworking and if so, what are you looking forward to accomplishing in your workshop for 2022?

Write your answer in our comment section or if your woodworking resolution isn’t listed, let us know what it is!

a) Learn how to carve in more detail

b) Use my lathe to turn more

c) Save up my money for a tool I’ve been wanting

d) Accomplish some projects on the “honey-do” list

e) Spend more time in my workshop

f) Spend less time in my workshop

g) Build a project for my children or grandchildren

h) Other

  2 Responses to “January 2022 Woodworking Poll: What is Your 2022 Woodworking Resolution?”

  1. I’m a scroller who always used flat blades. This year I’m going to learn how to use spiral blades. Same saw, totally different techniques.

  2. I resolve to not resolve. Promises never made can never be broken.

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