Jun 302020
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When our book reviewer, Norm Reid, sat down with Another Work Is Possible, he expected a quality read. As the book is authored by the creator of Mortise & Tenon Magazine, Joshua Klein, it already comes with a degree of credibility. But Norm got much more than he was expecting out of the book:

How often do you read a book that brings tears to your eyes? For me, certainly, not often, maybe never. But this book, Another Work Is Possible, did. Let me explain.

This book is, on its surface, a recounting of the process of building a timber-framed blacksmith shop next to the author’s woodshop. But what lies on the surface can be misleading, and in this case there is much more to the story. That story is about a magical time, a time of shared labor, of teaching and learning, of camaraderie, of joy.

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