Mar 112020
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You might have heard of National Dog Day, National Margarita Day, National Pizza Day, but did you know there is also a National Worship of Tools Day? And it just happens to be today, March 11th. The ‘National Day Calendar’ describes this holiday as “a day to go out into the garage, the tool shed, the storage closet or wherever it is you keep your tools. You can clean them, reorganize them, make something new with them or maybe go to the store and buy a new one.”

Terry Chapman took the time to tell us what he thinks of this national holiday, and how he thinks it would be best spent.

Read his article here

  One Response to “National Worship of Tools Day is here!”

  1. That photo of me above is an insider joke. I was making a Windsor Chair seat and using a spoke shave to round the edge of it. The spoke shave makes a beautiful soft hissing sound when it cuts white pine, and the shavings float to the floor like large snow flakes. There is absolutely no need for a face mask, ear muffs and a dust mask.

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