Nov 132018
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We all love spending time in our workshops, but what if we could make our shop a little nicer to be in by adding a couple of capable accessories? Listening to some music or a sports game would certainly make that sanding task go by more quickly. And a brightly lit space is much more enjoyable than a dark, poorly lit shop.

The Festool Sysrock and Festool Syslite II can help. Take a look at the video below to see our Down to Earth Woodworker Steve Johnson’s thoughts on the Festool Sysrock. And click the link below the video to read about the Festool Syslite II and why Steve no longer thinks of it as a ‘glorified, overpriced flashlight’.

More Than a Worklight: The Festool Syslite II

Click to find out more about the Festool Sysrock and the Festool Syslite II, both available at Highland Woodworking.

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