May 012018
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We are excited to present the brand new fourth issue of Mortise & Tenon Magazine! Take a look at what Highland Blogger, Terry Chapman had to say about it:

There was always a standing joke around our house when we would see a truck with a big sign on it that said “Baled Pine Straw, Inc”. Inevitably, someone would say, wonder what they sell? When I first saw “Mortise and Tenon Magazine”, I couldn’t help but think about that old joke and wonder, what is that book about? Like the pine straw from the truck, this one is about mortises and tenons and woodworking from many years ago. As little as you think about it, electricity for woodworking tools is only about a hundred years old. Mortise and Tenon is aimed at those of us who treasure and appreciate those times before electricity in woodworking.

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