Apr 252017
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If you have a Rikon 10-324 or 10-325 14″ Bandsaw, and are sick of all of those hex wrenches, you need the Tool-less Blade Guide Upgrade Kit. Install this kit on your bandsaw in minutes and enjoy the simplicity of tool-less spring-loaded guides.

Find out more about the Tool-less Blade Guide Upgrade Kit in this 12 minute video.

  4 Responses to “Product Video: Tool-less Blade Guide Upgrade Kit for Rikon Bandsaws”

  1. Will this fit the Rikon-clone Craftsman 14″ bandsaw? I know, for example, that their bandsaw fence fits.

    • Hello. Unfortunately, it will not work on a Craftsman. Just Rikon bandsaws.

  2. If the Craftsman is manufactured by Rikon, why won’t the upgrade fit the Craftsman??? Your reply doesn’t make sense.

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