Jan 022017
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As a beginner woodworker, I have accomplished few enough things that I have a staggering amount to discover in any direction I turn. The reasons I was drawn to the craft in the first place included the joy of making things with my hands, a wish to share a hobby with my dad, and an all-encompassing love of trees (climbing trees, pecan pie, fires, writing paper, et al).

With these in mind, I’ve come up with a few resolutions for the New Year:

  1. Practice the skills I’ve learned: dovetails, sharpening, planing, sanding
  2. Keep learning new skills and writing about them: carving (the Ogham alphabet, a spoon), mortise & tenon
  3. Finish projects I’ve already committed to: block plane, pencil box, silk screen frames, a loft for the puppy, a carved spoon wedding present (I have a year for this, right?)
  4. Continue to build a thoughtful hand tool home shop based on the principles of The Minimalist Woodworker, KonMari, and Malta Kano.

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