Dec 292016
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I wanted to start my resolutions first with a review of 2016 goals.

One of my resolutions was to work more with milk paint and build a Dutch Tool Chest. I am happy to report both of those objectives were achieved. It was tremendous experience to work with my 10 year old son to complete his tool chest. I am proud of his involvement and dedication to complete this project.

My intentions were to use milk paint on more turnings. I am bit behind on that component. In addition, I have yet to incorporate any metal into my turnings. However, I did learn to MIG weld. I recently completed welding a metal base for a small table that will receive a natural edge slab of spalted pecan.

My resolutions for next year are as follows:

1. Add a metal component to a turning. This could be wire, flat stock and/or welding. I do not have anything specific in mind.

2. Turn a large diameter bowl. I would like this bowl to be in 14-16” range. This bowl should be large but not massive. The intention will be to make something that can be passed down through the family.

curtis1sm3. Make a few more lidded boxes. I completed one recently and it reminded me how much fun they can be to turn.

4. Finish the Windsor stool that keeps staring at me every time I walk by!

5. I have a few handsaws that need to be sharpened. I tend to sharpen my chainsaw frequently. However, it been awhile since I needed to sharpen a handsaw. This will be an opportunity to brush up on that skill.

I wish the best to you and your family in the coming year. Please remember to be safe while at the lathe.

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