Dec 272015
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Welcome to our 2016 Woodworking Resolutions blogger series. Every year we invite our bloggers to share their resolutions specific to their woodworking goals for the new year. Click each link below to read our bloggers’ resolutions!

It’s that time of the year for Woodworking Resolutions, so here goes:

1. I plan to make at least one other thing out of Christopher Schwarz’s book on Campaign Furniture. I love this stuff! When I see how much things sell for in the catalogs, there may be a profit to be made if I can bear to put them up for sale.

"Campaign Furniture"

“Campaign Furniture”

2. I’m going to work on leather a bit more. I tried a few things with leather in the past few months and I enjoyed it. If you get a few basic tools, leather work is pretty simple and I think I like it.

3. Like a lot of other people I may try to collect all the books published by Lost Art Press. I don’t think I have seen one yet that I dislike and the whole approach and attitude about woodworking appeal to me.

4. Still haven’t cleaned the dust out of the shop. I’m going to keep that one on the list since it only tends to get worse.

5. I’m going to buy at least one more Festool tool this year. If they would just stop issuing new ones I might catch up to a complete collection.  I bought the TXS Drill Set today, but I guess it doesn’t count for next year.

Festool TXS Drill

Festool TXS Drill

6. I am going to try to finish completely at least one project. I looked around the shop today and there are no fewer than five projects partially completed.

Plus all those other resolutions from the last few years are hereby incorporated by reference.

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