Nov 042015
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novwoodnewsWe’ve just published another great issue of Wood News Online. This month’s issue includes:

Building a 3-Sided Farm Woodshed– Jon Rubin is known for over-engineering when it comes to his woodworking projects, and it was no different for his recent woodshed that he built on his farm. In this article, Jon discusses his over-engineering and his methods he used to build the woodshed.

Show Us Your Shop– We’re sharing the Edmond, OK workshop of Lance Wroblewski, who started woodworking in 2011 and has been building up his workshop ever since.

Show Us Your Woodworking– This month we’re sharing the woodworking projects of disabled veteran, Steve Adams, who enjoys building anything from small inlaid boxes to full-size houses.

Show Us Your Carving– Ron Latour enjoys transforming 2-D artwork into 3-D deep relief wood sculptures, as well as creating boxes with carved tops.

This month’s woodworking tip columns include:

The Down to Earth Woodworker– This month, Steve discusses the advantages of his new favorite tape measure, wonders who it is out there that makes the decision of “good” vs “bad” when it comes to judging woodworking projects, and shares some new woodworking invention ideas.


Woodworking Safety Tip–  This month’s reader-contributed safety tip comes from John all the way in County Limerick, Ireland, who shares his list of must-do’s before turning on his power saws.

Finishing Tip– Alan has several tips when it comes to painting laminates and the best ways to resurface them.

Ask the Staff– This month our staff was asked for a good recommendation for slow setting epoxy.

Tips from Sticks in the Mud– This month Jim has tips on drilling pilot holes and reusing parts from a foam paint brush to assist your sander.

We’ve also got reviews on the following:

Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule and T-Square– Jeff Fleisher explains how these 2 tools are what you need to help you make precision measurements and cuts.

And a few added bonuses:

Roy Underhill’s recent visit to Highland Woodworking

Poll: Are Most Woodworkers Also General-Purpose DIY-ers?

All of this and more in our November 2015 issue of Wood News Online.

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