Sep 092015
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wn121Welcome back to woodworking season! Our September issue of Wood News Online is full of projects, new tools, and woodworking tips to help motivate your return to the shop!

This month’s issue includes:

Where Are All The Girls in the Shop– This month Anne spends a day in the shop with Kim McIntyre, who grew up in her father’s workshop and has been doing some kind of woodwork all throughout her life. In the article, Kim discusses how to make handmade cutting boards, her favorite beginner’s project.

Show Us Your Shop– Richard Lahr has traveled around a lot during his life and so has his workshop. Currently, his shop resides in Gulf Cove, FL where he makes custom furniture and works on yachts.

Show Us Your Woodworking– Steve Lyde’s favorite style of woodworking is Greene & Greene. This month he shows off  a variety of custom furniture pieces he has made for his home.

Show Us Your Carving– Mark Levin has studied under several master carvers who have inspired him to develop multiple table series including his Leaf Series and his Fruit Series.

The Down to Earth Woodworker– This month Steve focuses on sharpening, including how to achieve the elusive “perfect edge,” a comparison between the Tormek T-4 and the Tormek T-7 Sharpening Systems, and answers More Frequently Asked Questions.

Tips from Sticks in the Mud– Jim figures out how to use his tablesaw fence rail as a backstop for biscuit slot and domino cutting, and shares a money saving tip on repurposing speaker magnets.

This month we’ve got in-depth reviews of the Hamilton Marking Gauge and Christopher Purney’s, The Furniture Bible.

We’re also looking forward to some great woodworking events including Woodworking in America at the end of the month in Kansas City, MO, and a visit from Roy Underhill to Highland Woodworking for our Fall Open House in October.

This month’s deals include a 33% discount on several different Fox Chapel woodworking books, a great deal on the Rikon 10″ Bandsaw, and if you’ve been needing a new workbench for woodworking season, check out the deal on the Sjobergs Hobby-Plus Workbench.

We’ve also got some great new tools including Blue Spruce Toolworks Hand Tools, Sterling Tool Works Roubo Curves, Bad Axe Hand Saws, and a new Woodpeckers One Time Tool.

All of this and more in our September issue of Wood News Online!

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