Mar 172015
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hwtmarch2015If you’ve just started woodturning or you’ve been turning for most of your life, our March 2015 issue of The Highland Woodturner has a variety of projects, tips, and stories to motivate your craft.

This month’s issue includes:

My Favorite Tools and Accessories: Curtis Turner has been contributing to The Highland Woodturner for several years and this month he is sharing his favorite woodturning tools and accessories that he uses in his shop.

Porch Column Repairs: Temple has been turning porch columns for several years and is often called upon to make or repair columns for local businesses in Maine. This month he discusses how he makes those repairs and the tools and products he uses to help him.

Repurposing a Hock Spokeshave Blade: Our blogger, Lee Laird, recently turned new handles for his Hock Spokeshave that allow him to make controlled cuts during his frequent instrument builds.

Show Us Your Woodturning: This month we’re sharing the woodturning projects of William Kaufman who uses a variety of woods and incorporates carving techniques within his turnings.

Phil’s Tip: This month we’re sharing an oldie but a goodie with some of Phil’s safety tips when it comes to woodturning. If you’re new to turning, make sure you read through these tips before you get started!

All of this and more in this month’s issue of The Highland Woodturner.

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