Jan 052015
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Welcome to our 2015 Woodworking Resolutions blogger series. Every year we invite our bloggers to share their resolutions specific to their woodworking goals for the new year. Click each link below to read our bloggers resolutions!

Curtis Turner

My turning goals for 2015 are mostly about learning new techniques. I hope you will set a few turning goals for yourself in 2015. Have a happy and safe new year.

1.      Improve my metal spinning skills.  I have recently began experimenting with spinning metal on a wood lathe.  While the lathe is the same, the tools and techniques are completely different.  It’s more challenging than I expected.

2.      A sand blasted lidded box is high on my priority list.  I hope to create several boxes for the purpose of experimenting with paint and patinas.

3.      I want to try a few different projects just for fun.  For example, I would like to make a tall pepper mill.  Also a yo-yo or perhaps a few more gavels.

4.      I want to test turning a sphere using a vacuum chuck.  I think I can make the seal work in a way that makes the final turning (reverse turning) process simple.  The vacuum chuck has become my favorite new tool.  So, I’ll be thinking up new ways to utilize this function.

5.      Donating several turned pieces to a charity auction for my state’s arboricultural conference.  You might consider establishing a relationship with your local forestry or parks and recreation departments.  They may be able to assist you with securing some interesting material.  You could in turn offer to give back a few items to display in their offices or to use as a fund raisers.  This could make for a community service project for a turning club.

6.      Finally, my never ending goal of cleaning the shop!  I have chips, dust and logs everywhere.  It always seems that when the logs are mostly processed another batch shows up.  I know, a nice problem to have.

Curtis was the 2012 President of Central Texas Woodturners, a member of the American Association of Woodturners, and a member of Fine Woodworkers of Austin. Curtis teaches and demonstrates nationally for Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. He also owns a studio where he teaches and works. Curtis lives and works in Central Texas with his wife and four young children. Take a look at his website at www.curtisturnerstudio.com

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