Jan 082015
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wnblog2015 is well underway here at Highland Woodworking and we’ve got a great new issue of Wood News Online.

This month’s issue includes:

Project Idea: Tippmann Boss Wooden Table– A Tippmann Boss Sewing Machine requires a very sturdy surface, so Arthur Stevenson decided to build his own table specifically for his Tippmann Boss.

Building an Electric Bass Guitar: Final Details– Lee Laird has spent the past few months chronicling the build of his electric bass and in this final segment he discusses installing the strings and plugs, adding the finish, and more.

Show Us Columns:

Show Us Your Shop– Richard Korte has a beautiful 28’x34′ workshop in Olympia, WA, where he builds wooden boats and a variety of other projects.

Show Us Your Woodworking– Michael Sweet is a self-proclaimed hoarder of wood that he uses to create a variety of woodworking projects including detailed dollhouses, games, portraits, and ornaments.

Show Us Your Carving– Richard Cheek, who we featured in our May 2012 issue of Wood News, is back with several more detailed carvings.

Our monthly tip contributors include:

The Down to Earth Woodworker– This month Steve discusses the Six Degrees of Woodworking (and how every conversation can eventually lead to woodworking), his outlook for the 2015 woodworking year, a test between wax paper and freezer paper and which one works better for the workshop, his new purpose-built shop storage series, and his upcoming visit to Highland Woodworking.

Two Minute Safety Tip– Raymond Randall has contributed a follow-up to the November 2014 Safety Tip on adjusting bandsaw height by suggesting to make sure the blade is no longer moving before touching it.

Tips From-Sticks-In-The-Mud-Woodshop– Tack rags and plastic bags, Jim has tips on how these two things can be reused and recycled within your shop.

Q:A Ask the Staff– Bob asked our staff if you need to remove the iron from wood-bodied planes when you’re not using them. Check out the answer here.

We’ve also got a look back at the best tool reviews of 2014, a book review on Beautiful Boxes, and a variety of tool specials and discounts for the month of January!

All of this and more in our January 2015 issue of Wood News Online.

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