Mar 192014
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march14hwtFor our March issue of The Highland Woodturner, we wanted to gear it toward those who are new to woodturning or interested in find out more about it. This month’s articles include:

Turning for Furniture Makers:  Curtis ran with our beginning woodturning theme by focusing his article on the idea of how woodworkers can incorporate turning into their furniture making. He supplies a variety of ideas for turning projects for different furniture pieces and then goes on to provide tips on how to get started in turning.

Turning Multiple Spindles: Often times, turners need to create multiples of the same piece in order to complete their project. In his March article, Temple Blackwood gives three rules to guide spindle-turners in creating multiple spindles, and how these rules can be applied to other projects.

Show Us Your Woodturning: This month we have the woodturning projects of Peter Fabricius, who has been turning for over 50 years and has a variety of different projects. Pictures of projects featured include cigar cases, a duck kall, a Kendama toy, a segmented bowl, and several other creations.

Phil’s Woodturning Tip: Each month, Phil Colson shares a tip that he has found helpful in his own turning shop. This month he shares how a 5/16 nut can help make the process of hollowing and drilling on the lathe a whole lot easier.

All of this and more in our March 2014 issue of The Highland Woodturner!

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