Jan 092014
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woodnewsjanuaryFor the first Wood News issue of the new year, we’ve got a great collection of tips, projects, and submissions from woodworkers all across the country! This month’s issue includes:

Making a Zero Clearance Insert for a Table Saw-Frequent contributor, Rod Scott, discusses how to make a custom zero clearance insert for your table saw, in order to reduce chip out and cut very thin strips.

Woodworking as Functional Art-Stephen Winer began his career as an artist, and then wanted to express his artwork as functional pieces of furniture. He discusses his background and process of creating these pieces in this article.

Workshop Design Part 3-In the last part of a three segment article, Phil Rasmussen finishes up his discussion on designing a workshop in order to better utilize your shop space, by discussing storage options, electricity, and HVAC.

My Last Shop-In part 9 of his series, Mike Smith gets the final shop inspection from Rick, the inspector. Mike discusses the inspection process and what he needs to do to make it into a proper shop.

As always, we have our ‘Show Us’ series, which we are always accepting contributions for!

Show Us Your Woodworking-This month features the life-like wooden sculptures made by Martin Rosen, who has been woodworking since he first started making wooden hall passes in grade school.

Show Us Your Woodcarving-Donald Straka shares a variety of his carvings, from nautilus shells to trout, Donald carves using a somewhat abstract method, trying to not be 100% realistic.

Show Us Your Shop-We’ve got the Hendersonville, TN timber-frame shop of Greg Pennington, who is an assistant to Curtis Buchanan and Peter Galbert. He also shows off some of his beautiful windsor chairs.

We’ve also got a variety of tips from our regular contributors:

Tips from Sticks in the Mud-Jim Randolph shares two tips with us including his creation of an alert system when guests are entering his shop, as well as an easy and effective way to light up your shop in order to navigate without having to turn on the overhead lights.

Two-Minute Safety Tip-This month, John Nelson offers up a tip on Table Saw safety and making sure you are patient and not in a hurry when trying to use it.

The Down to Earth Woodworker-Steve, our Down to Earth Woodworker, always has a variety of tips and stories from his own woodworking experiences. This month he discusses glue-ups, jigs, dust collection systems, and being courteous to those who deliver your woodworking tools in the New Year.

Finishing Wood with Alan Noel-This month, Alan gives us some tips on using wipe-on varnishes, and how to achieve a nice finish with little effort.

We’ve also got reviews on both the Wixey Digital Protractor and Marc Spagnuolo’s (The Wood Whisperer) recent book, Hybrid Woodworking.

All of this, as well as some great tool deals make up our January issue of Wood News Online.

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