Oct 252013
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Pictured L to R: Dyami Plotke, Tom Iovino, Chris Adkins, Steve Schuler, Marc Spagnuolo, Wilbur Pan, Shannon Roger, Matt Vanderlist, and Ellis Walentine.

This week we are dedicating #FollowFriday to the Online Woodworking world, specifically those who were featured at the WIA 2013 Online Woodworking Roundtable. One of the greatest things about all of these woodworkers is that they all seemed to know each other, as if they were close friends, and yet most of their interactions outside of WIA have been through the online woodworking community that they have helped create.

1. Megan Fitzpatrick (not pictured)- Megan is the Editor and Content Director for Popular Woodworking and she was also the moderator for this unique WIA session. Megan is a frequent contributor to the Popular Woodworking Editors’ Blog, which features all of the latest happenings in the woodworking industry and online community. Twitter: @1snugthejoiner

2. Dyami Plotke– Dyami is the blogger behind The Penultimate Woodshop. He is also a member of the Modern Woodworker’s Association (MWA) and host of the MWA Podcast. Twitter: @DyamiPlotke

3. Tom Iovino– Tom is the man behind Tom’s Workbench. He is also a member of the Modern Woodworker’s Association (MWA) and host of the MWA Podcast. If you are ever trying to find the MWA at a woodworking meetup, be sure to listen for Tom’s voice. You can’t miss it! Twitter: @TomsWorkbench

4. Chris Adkins– Chris is a third generation woodworker and the blogger behind High Rock Woodworking. He has just recently taken the reigns from Morton as the creator and host of the video product tours for Highland Woodworking. He is also a member of the Modern Woodworker’s Association (MWA) and host of the MWA Podcast. Twitter: @HighRockWW

5. Steve Schuler– Steve is an english professor and the blogger behind The Literary Workshop, as well as a moderator on the Woodworking Hand Tools Forum on WoodNet.

6. Marc Spagnuolo– Marc is more commonly known as The Wood Whisperer. It was mentioned within the forum that Marc is lucky in the fact that he is able to work full-time within the woodworking world (a dream that so many woodworkers have), and you can see this with the many different types of content that he offers on his website. He is also one of the voices behind WoodTalk Podcast.  Twitter: @WoodWhisperer

7. Wilbur Pan– Wilbur is the source behind giant Cypress, a site and blog dedicated to Japanese woodworking tools, but also contains several other “wooddorking things.” Twitter: @Wilburpan

8. Shannon Rogers– Shannon is known as The Renaissance Woodworker and is also the founder of The Hand Tool School. He is also one of the voices behind the WoodTalk Podcast. Twitter: @RenaissanceWW

9. Matt Vanderlist– Matt is the host and creator of the Matt’s Basement Workshop website and podcast. He is also one of the voices behind the WoodTalk Podcast.Twitter: @MBWPodcast

10. Ellis Walentine– Ellis was introduced as one of the first woodworkers to be involved with online woodworking. In the early 90’s he worked as an editor for American Woodworker Magazine, which was the sole woodworking content provider for AOL. In 1998, he launched WoodCentral.com, where woodworkers can come together and share all things woodworking. Twitter: @WoodCentral

11. Mary May– (not pictured) Mary May was one of the featured instructors this year and was a surprise guest on the online woodworking panel. She is the founder of the Mary May Online School of Woodcarving.

Stay tuned for video coverage of this very informative roundtable and make sure to follow all of these woodworkers on both Twitter and their websites!

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Fridays on the Highland Woodworking Blog are dedicated to #FollowFriday, where we use this space to further highlight a woodworker or turner who we have featured in our monthly e-publications Wood News and The Highland WoodturnerWould you like for your shop to appear in our publications? We invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your woodworking along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking (Email photos at 800×600 resolution.) 

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