Oct 142013
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I was excited to see that the Oneway Vari-Grind Upgrade Clamp Kit (Highland Item # 150195)  has recently been added to Highland’s turning tool section. I have always been extremely careful when inserting and removing gouges under the spring mechanism on my Vari-Grind. I wanted to avoid two issues. One, nicking the tip of the tool.  Secondly, injuring my fingers as I tried to insert the gouge under the spring. I have used the new style clamp on the Vari-Grind 2 and it is perfect! This is one of the simplest upgrades to make for your Wolverine sharpening system. The new clamp replaces the old spring mechanism and increases the holding capacity of the jig so it can handle tool diameters of up to 3/4″. The spring is replaced by removing the screw that attaches the spring to the jig. Remove the old brass knob and replace with the new knob. This upgrade, at less than $15, is well worth the investment.  I will be ordering one for my Vari-Grind.

Make sure you check out my most recent video product tour below of the Oneway Wolverine Jig, where I further explain the set-up and use of the jig, and show how easy it makes sharpening!

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