Sep 032013
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What did you do this summer in your shop? Steve Johnson aka The Down to Earth Woodworker has been working away at designing and building a mobile sanding center, in hopes of making the dreaded chore of sanding a bit more enjoyable. Steve documented the whole build in the videos below, finally all gathered in one place for easy watching. Build your own mobile sanding center, or just use some of Steve’s techniques shown here on your own building projects.

And check out Steve’s latest column in Wood News here!

Part 1: Design Criteria

Part 2: Cutting out the Parts

Part 3: Making The Dadoes

Part 4: Glue Up

Part 5a: Drawers & Box Joints

Part 5b: Drawers & Box Joints

Part 6: Installing Drawers

Part 7: Drawer Fronts & Trim

Part 8: Attach Drawer Fronts, Easy!

Part 9a: Dust Collection

Part 9b: Dust Collection

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