Jun 282013
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calphotoWe’re back in action with our #FollowFriday series. This week we are following Cal Logue, who was the featured wood carver in our June 2013 issue of Wood News. Cal grew up in several different Alabama towns and began carving over 30 years ago. He carves a wide variety of people and scenes, mostly carving pieces that reflect topics from the Southern region.

On the subject of carving, Cal gives the following advice from his website: “To wood carve one needs suitable wood and sharp tools.  Ideally one will use wood that allows the carver to carve in any direction, much like a bar of soap.  With basswood, for example, you can carve a nose or handle of a spoon in any direction.  Whereas with pine, one generally must go in the direction of the grain.  Sharpening tools is more a mystery than a science.  For example, I will sharpen six gouges (carving tools) at the same time and three will be sharp and three dull…It is vital to anticipate where you will need to leave wood to carve each area.”

Cal has an interesting method within his wood carving, where he uses a drill press to put holes in the piece he is working on, in order to make it easier to remove wood with a gouge in later steps.

As you can see in the photos below, Cal has a lot of interesting carving pieces!




Another bigger project that Cal has accomplished in his woodworking career is the building of a log cabin with two other people. They built the entire cabin from the foundation to the roof!


You can view more photos and learn more about Cal’s carving career on his website by clicking HERE.


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