Mar 192013
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Remember the short-grain inlay I made? Those are inlay for the arcs at the ends of the table. These are similar to the sides, just much wider; so, I made new templates. These templates are simply clamped to the table and the router run along.

Inlay Template for the End

This template is clamped at each end, ready to route

I adjusted the templates one each side so that the end groove hit the side groove at a 45 degree measured from the corner of the table. In other words, I didn”t worry about the template being parallel to the end of the table (though it should be!) It was more important for the grooves to perfectly line up.

End Groove Routed

The groove is neatly routed along the template

I stopped the router just short of where the grooves meet. I finished squaring that with my very small chisel.

Chisel the Corner Square

Where the grooves meet, I chisel it square

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