Jan 092013
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We featured Philip Malenfant’s intricate fish carvings in the woodcarving column in the July 2012 issue of Wood News. He recently updated us on some of his most recent carving work:

My Son caught a large silver salmon last fall while fishing in the Valdez area of alaska. I was fishing with him at the time he caught this fish, and opted to carve it for him. He said okay, and so I took measurements off the fish at that time, and when I got home here in North Pole I had a chunk of bass wood in my garage and used it to carve out his fish. I did the fins and put them in separately and then I painted the whole fish.

I am not a professional woodcarver by any means. I am retired and like to grab a piece of wood now and then and carve on it. I have no power carving tool, just hand chisels, and they are limited as well.

Philip Malenfant
North Pole, Alaska

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