Oct 082012
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The Down to Earth Woodworker's own beard!

In his column this month, our Down to Earth Woodworker, Steven Johnson, defines a word that many of us had never heard before: Pogonotrophy.

The word “pogonotrophy” is from the Greek “pogon,” meaning beard, and in this form literally means “beard feeding.” Think of it as the science (or art) of beard growth. I’ve been feeding my beard for over 40 years. At times it has been a lonely pursuit, as the popularity of facial hair has ebbed and flowed. Once a sign of great wisdom, beards for a while seemed more emblematic of an outlaw attitude.

So what does this have to do with woodworking, you may ask? After an afternoon of careful observation at his local woodworking store and a read-through of the latest fashion magazine, Steve has concluded that woodworking is on the rise. Read his column to find out how he comes to this conclusion.

  One Response to “The Down to Earth Woodworker: The Beards of Woodworking”

  1. ah yes, but a bearded man is an unprotected one
    being as I am bearded myself I am concerned by the lack of protection afforded by our ever faithful dust masks
    it even says so on the packaging
    though my finely fed facial facade emboldens me with a sense of distinguished demeanor and wisdom, I am constantly reminded of the breach in my respiratory security .

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