Sep 202012
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For long glue-ups or complicated ones, I like to use the Festool Domino to help align the edges.  This leaves me to concentrate on other things during that critical 5 minutes.  I simply use a pencil to mark lines across the two boards, although I could use the Cross Stops to space them.  The first one I make exact, and then oversize the holes from there.  Simple, fast, effective.

Festool Domino helps to align edges

Festool Domino helps to align edges

Festool Domino cuts a really nice mortise

Festool Domino cuts a really nice mortise

Morton is a furniture designer builder working in Harvard, MA.  He reviews tools for Highland Woodworking on YouTube.  You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter @morton, and his own YouTube channel.

  3 Responses to “Morton’s Shop: Align glue-ups with the Festool Domino”

  1. How are dominoes different/better than biscuits in this situation? Is it just that they are bigger and stronger?

    It seems like if you are just using them for alignment, a few biscuits would work just as well, no?

    • Hi Joe. Dominoes are the exact same as biscuits for this alignment operation. Either will work just fine to align wood. Biscuits can swell more than dominoes when glued, so make sure to have them well enough below the surface.

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