Nov 112011
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Not even a snowstorm in October can keep Morton from his shop, and this month he offers some great product tours, including a powerful new Festool drill, a toy kit to share with the kids in your life and a pen-kit turning demonstration, just in time for the holidays!

First Morton takes a look at the new Festool T18 cordless drill, and runs through the long list of impressive features this great new drill offers:

Next, Morton takes a fun break and invites his son Liam into the shop to assemble one of the Woodman Concept toy kits. These toy kits are a great value and a great opportunity to teach your kids a little about woodworking, with a fun toy at the end! Could be a perfect gift for the holidays. Watch the video here:

And speaking of the holidays, if you are a woodturner or want to become one, you might have considered starting off with a couple of pen kits to learn the basic techniques of turning – and you can kill two birds with one stone by turning a couple of great holiday gifts in the process! Morton walks through all the steps of turning a pen using one of Highland’s basic pen turning kits. Learn how to do it yourself by watching the video here!

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