Sep 232011
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We had a chance to sit down with the winner of our Stanley Sweetheart Hand Tool Sweepstakes, Jan Tankersley, and ask her a few questions. In our recent giveaway, Jan won three Stanley Sweetheart planes: the No. 60-1/2 Low Angle Block Plane, the No. 4 Smooth Plane and the No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane, as well as a Set of 8 of the new edition Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisels AND Highland’s own European Workbench. Here’s what she had to say:

On entering the Stanley Sweetheart Giveaway, and her own woodworking:

“I have always wanted to get into woodworking. However, I do not have a shop of my own. Last year I bought a couple of chisels for my brother, who is a woodworker, and I signed up for your newsletter. Earlier this year I saw you had this contest. I figured I was dreaming, but I thought about how great it would be if I could win that prize.”

“My ultimate dream is to have a shop of my own where I can do woodworking and pottery.”

On winning the giveaway, and her plans for the prize:

“I was very, very excited when I won. I’ve been trying to make up my mind if I’m going to keep the prize completely for myself or let my brother have it. For now since I don’t have my own shop, I’ll let my brother use the tools, but if I ever get my own shop going, I may want them back. Who knows what that might bring about!”

Russ Williams opening the new tools given to him by his sister, Jan Tankersley

Russ Williams with all of his new tools

Jan Tankersley and Russ Williams

Thanks to everyone who entered the Stanley Sweetheart Giveaway, and to Jan Tankersley for the interview and pictures.

Our next tool sweepstakes is already underway – ENTER TO WIN a Rikon 14″ bandsaw, Rikon 1HP dust collector and Wood Slicer resaw bandsaw blade today!

Rikon Bandsaw Giveaway

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  1. Sisters are great ! Hey Russ, be sure to make something nice for your sister !

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