Jun 032011
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This month on the Highland Woodworking Youtube channel we’ve got three new video product tours by Morton for you to check out.

First, Morton tours the new Festool CXS Compact Cordless Drill Driver. He touches on many of the great technical features that make this drill so fun to use, including the ergonomic design, the LED light, and all the other ingenious details you expect from a Festool. Take a look at it here:

Next, Morton does a thorough walk-through of all the great features and uses of the affordable European Workbench. A few of the setups for the bench dogs that he demonstrates are especially impressive in what they allow you to do with this smaller-sized workbench. See below for the video:

And finally, Morton demonstrates the impressive capabilities of the Rikon 70-100 mini-lathe in our third feature video this month. Besides giving a basic overview of setting up the lathe for use, Morton offers some helpful tips that make it easier to get started with your woodturning. Check it out!

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