Oct 142010
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Buy Flexcut Carving Tools
Get Cash Back!

If you’ve ever wanted to get into carving, or if you are an experienced carver and you want to add to your tool collection, Highland has a great deal for you, courtesy of the Flexcut Tool Company.

If you buy any Flexcut tools totaling $50 or more, you get $5 cash back. If you spend $100 or more, you get $10 back! It’s that simple. And these rebate coupons are valid through 7/31/2011.

If you are just starting out, check out the 5-piece palm chisel set – a great collection of tools for the novice carver. If you are beyond beginner, you might want to upgrade to the 11-piece craft carver set.

Check out the Flexcut rebate on the Highland Woodworking site, or scroll down to see the coupons.
Flexcut carving tools available at Highland Woodworking.

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