Sep 092010
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Hofmann and Hammer workbenches at Highland Woodworking

Phil Colson forklifts a pallet of new workbenches off the 40-foot container truck

It’s always exciting around here when we receive a full 40-foot ocean container load of something we’ve ordered from abroad. Today we unloaded 70 Hofmann & Hammer workbenches from a container shipped direct from the factory in Gruenfeld-Zimmern, Germany. We believe they are truly the finest value in a premium quality workbench available anywhere. They’re now on sale on our website. Save $200 on the Large and Medium benches, and $100 on the compact bench.

Hofmann and Hammer workbenches

  One Response to “A new load of German workbenches just arrived at Highland Woodworking”

  1. your shipping rate is out of control and thats why craftsman make there owen!!! they will not pay 250.00 on avg. for these items!!! by now you have made a contract for better shipping of these work benches.. great benches worst freight charges… how can Grizzly ship to all locations way heaver weight then these benches and charge way less?? and a set flat charge as well. A lot of times the company them selves add on add $$ shipping costs for them selves and blame the shipping companies,

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