Aug 132010
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Our Down to Earth Woodworker, Steve Johnson, is at it again. Take a look at Highland Woodworking’s YouTube Channel to see more of Steve’s videos, and make sure you bookmark it for later – we’ll be adding more Down to Earth Woodworking videos as well as some demos and other entertaining pieces shot right in our store!

  One Response to “Down to Earth Woodworker – Now on Video!”

  1. Steve,
    I sat down to relax a few minutes and just watched your video about a shooting board. Winter is coming and I’m starting a project list for my shop. I’m hoping to make time to make 3-5 items and just enjoy my shop. I’m writing to say thanks for your videos and for sharing your knowledge and some great ideas. A former co-worker makes kit clocks and teases me for working on shop projects. I don’t tell him but I make things for my wife, sons, daughter in laws and grand kids as well. What ever they want within my limited shop and skill set. I however am working on both. Thanks again.

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