Apr 082010
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Just in time for the first week of the Major League baseball season, Jack Masten provides a step-by-step tutorial on turning your own classic baseball bat from Northern White Ash.

And that’s just one of many fascinating articles in this month’s Wood News. We’ve got a new shop featured – Jim Chandler built his workshop in a fully restored 111-year-old barn.

There’s also a nice introduction to the Power8 cordless workshop, a versatile piece of new innovation merged with good solid craftsmanship that will almost certainly make your work as an experienced woodworker or a do-it-yourselfer easier, incorporating a table saw, a circular saw, a drill press, and many other useful functions into one compact portable workshop.

Catch up with the latest news on our favorite Brazilian Woodworker – Dilo Fernandino, take a look at Mike Henderson’s quick course in shop made cauls, review the new additions to our 2010 woodworking class schedule or take advantage of some of the great deals at Highland Woodworking for Festool, Steel City, Earlex, Kreg, and many more!

Check it out!

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