Oct 072009
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Festool has repackaged their new 12+3 and 15+3 lithium-ion powered cordless drills making them a bit easier to afford. Previously each model came with 4 different drill chucks. Now each drill comes with 2 standard Fastfix chucks: the 1/2″ drill chuck and the Festool Centrotec chuck. The right-angle chuck and the eccentric chuck are available as optional accessories.
Both Festool drill models still include two high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries, smart charger, advanced electronic clutch, 3-year warranty and stackable Festool Systainer. The Festool T12+3 sells for $400. The Festool T15+3 sells for $450.
• The Festool drill’s extreme light weight (thanks to the lithium battery) means less operator fatigue.
• The exclusive Fastfix chucking system allows each drill to perform the function of several different drills.
• The Festool drill’s second generation brushless motor is electronically protected against burnout and maintains constant power regardless of load or speed.

• Tests have shown the Festool T+3 drills outperform the competitions’ 15 and 18 volt drills. You can literally drive more than 1,000,000 screws with one of these drills. Built to last a lifetime, it is literally the last drill you will ever need to buy.

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