Apr 232009
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Festool’s new T+3 cordless drills bring a new paradigm to drilling machines, and are far more affordable than they appear at first glance. These Festool cordless drills are the first and only drill to offer a 3 year warranty on the entire drill, including the drill itself, the charger, as well as the battery. That’s right, even the batteries will be replaced within the first 3 years of purchase if they fail to hold a charge!
The Festool cordless drill is really four drills in one. The Festool FastFix chuck system permits instant swapping of chucks. Our Festool T+3 drills come complete with a drill chuck, right angle chuck, eccentric chuck, and Centrotec chuck packed in a fitted storage Systainer along with the drill, battery and charger. An optional depth-stop chuck is also available.
Most cordless drills rely on a mechanical clutch. This new Festool cordless drill uses an advanced electronic clutch, resulting in better control and far less wear and tear on the motor and bearings.
Unlike its competition, the Festool T+3 cordless drill features an advanced BRUSHLESS motor which brings tangible higher efficiency, better reliability and longer service life. You will drive more screws faster.
The state-of-the-art lithium-ion cells used in Festool’s T+3 cordless drill batteries are individually selected to exactly match one another, resulting in a balanced load and absolute optimal charge and discharge cycles. They take a full charge in less than 70 minutes. The advanced intelligent charger provided with the Festool cordless drill is also compatible with existing Festool NiCad and NiMH batteries. Special sensors plus strategically-placed air vents on the drill reduce the risk of damage from overheating under constant use.
The Festool cordless drill’s torque is electronically controlled to produce the same torque regardless of which speed setting is used. And you can switch back and forth between drill and drive modes without losing your clutch setting.
Like all Festool machines, these drills are ergonomically designed and built for maximum comfort, perfect balance and reduced user fatigue.
These tools may be in short supply when they first become available on May 1, 2009. Pre-order your Festool cordless drill now for prompt delivery.

  2 Responses to “New Festool T+3 Cordless Drill”

  1. Sweet. The features look fine and the drill’s size appears smaller than most. The size factor is important.

  2. Interesting that it uses an electric clutch on this cordless drill rather than a mechanical one. Also a 70 minute charge time is a great feature if your in a hurry.

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