Mar 182009
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From the latest issue of Wood News:

Festool parallel guide system
Festool parallel guide system

New Parallel Guides Take Guided Rail Cutting to a Whole New Level

Text & photos by Jerry Work
©2009 The Dovetail Joint

Those familiar with the Festool guided rail cutting and routing system know just how
useful it is to be able to move a circular saw, jig saw or router across a stationary work
piece in a perfectly straight line. In my studio I use guide rails daily to make all kinds of
cuts. Festool’s new Parallel Guide system also makes an
excellent squaring cut guide as well, turning the guide rail and plunge saw into a fast and
efficient substitute for a table saw for most cutting operations.
Yup, with Festool’s clever new Parallel Guide System you can virtually eliminate the need for a bulky and dangerous table saw.

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