Feb 162009
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Roy Underhill, the master woodworker and historian famous for his long-running PBS television show “The Woodwright’s Shop,” has announced the opening of his new woodworking school, “The Woodwright’s School” in Pittsboro, NC. HIs first one-day classes will begin Feb. 28, 2009.
Roy has equipped the fully functional shop with traditional woodworking workbenches and hand tools for use by up to 10 students at a time. For the shop he has chosen full-size Hoffman & Hammer premium German workbenches which are available in the U.S. only through Highland Woodworking in Atlanta, or via their website at www.highlandwoodworking.com .
The first class on February 28 will be a busy day of hand tool joinery. Under Roy’s tutelage, students will learn to cut dovetail joints as well as mortise and tenon joints using traditional hand tool methods. This same one-day class will be repeated on March 1, March 7 and March 8. Cost for each of these introductory classes is only $95.00 for those signing up in advance.
Anyone interested in receiving more information about events at the Woodwright’s School should email Roy at woodwrightroy@gmail.com .

  2 Responses to “Roy Underhill Opens New Woodworking School in North Carolina”

  1. Way to go Roy! Judging by the picture it looks like a great place to learn woodworking. I’m sure all of the students will benefit from Roy’s knowledge and experience.

  2. This looks like a great school! Roy inspired me to do more woodworking with human powered tools…although I simply cannot give up my machines for most projects…

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