Dec 222008
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woodworking workbenchOur good friend, Roy Underhill of Woodwright’s Shop television fame, has chosen our Hoffman and Hammer large German workbenches for students to use in the new woodworking school he is opening in Pittsboro, NC (about 30 miles west of Raleigh) sometime in 2009. This 7-foot long, 286 pound, 2-1/4″ thick solid beech workbench meets all of Roy’s requirements for the traditional style of hands-on woodworking he will be teaching.
A full container of new premium woodworking workbenches has just arrived in Atlanta from Germany. Twelve of the larger size workbenches are headed to North Carolina to outfit the bench room in Roy’s new school. We’re very excited that Roy will be using workbenches from Highland Woodworking in his new woodworking school. Details on the school’s opening will be announced soon. Check back in early 2009 for more information.

woodworking workbench

Hoffman and Hammer premium large German woodworking workbench, model 114103

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