May 192008
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Soft-Sanders Flexible Sanding BlocksEver tried to roll sandpaper around a dowel rod to smooth a molding profile, or attempt to hold on to it while sanding a spindle? Easy to grip Soft-Sanders are shaped sanding blocks that fit every imaginable contour, curve and crevice. Think of them as three-dimensional French curves. Each of the six color-coded 4-3/4" long sanders is supple enough to prevent gouging but firm enough to maintain details. They work with their Super-Flex adhesive backed sandpaper, but we found them to operate well with any paper you're already using. Just hit the back of your own paper with some spray adhesive, and apply it to the profile you want.

Soft-Sanders are solvent resistant, so you can wet sand with them or wash off any residual goo with spirits. Turners will love Soft-Sanders' ability to get into the bottom of bowls and to keep spindle features crisp. They're heat resistant, so they won't fly apart on you.

It didn't take much convincing for us to carry these U.S. made Soft-Sanders. They're deceptively simple devices that perform exactly how you'd expect them to without disappointment. Comes with one each of 80, 120 and 180 grit Super-Flex Sandpaper. What's not to like?

Click the “Play” button below to watch a video demonstration!

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