May 022008
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Kreg Precision Trak and Stop Kit

When Your Pencil and Tape Measure Just Won’t Cut It…

Are you frustrated with projects that never seem to turn out quite right? Are you sick and tired of having to measure and mark each individual workpiece? Never again.

The Precision Trak and Stop System is the fastest and easiest way to add incredible accuracy to your miter saw and the modern replacement for the tape measure and pencil. It’s designed to make each and every cut you make easier to reproduce and more accurate than ever before, resulting in projects which are easier to reproduce and more accurate than ever before. It’s time to throw away your pencil, throw away your tape measure, and start getting real precision out of your miter saw!

Watch the video below to see how!

Visit Highland Woodworking for more information.

  2 Responses to “Kreg Tools Joinery Jigs Latest Video Featuring the Kreg Trak And Stop System”

  1. ? – Price
    ? – Where can I optain a copy of the cut sheet for this tool.

  2. Highland’s price for the Trak and Stop System is $124.99. You can obtain additional information from Kreg at this link:
    Thank you for your interest!
    Highland Woodworking Blogmaster

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