May 202008
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highland woodworking
For the second year in a row, the readers of Atlanta’s Sunday Paper have voted Highland Woodworking (also known as Highland Hardware) the metro area’s best hardware store. Coming in as runner-up to Highland Woodworking was Home Depot with its 20 metro Atlanta big box locations. Guess that really goes to show that you don’t necessarily have to be the biggest to be regarded as the best. Thanks to all our customers and fans who helped select Highland Woodworking over all the dozens of other worthy hardware stores in and around Atlanta! And congratulations to Home Depot for coming in second!
Quoting the Sunday Paper:
THE LOWDOWN: Is it the tool tutorials? The woodworking classes? The down-to-earth, helpful staff? What is it about Highland Hardware that our readers always seem to love? Perhaps it’s the fact that in the chi-chi district of the Highlands, where nothing seems very useful, a hardware store is a reminder of purpose, a monument to getting things done, a touch of the “real.”
THE BASICS: 1045 North Highland Ave. NE     MAP

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