Jun 042007
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We listed the Leigh VRS in our last catalog even though we didn’t have all of the details yet. As I blogged a few weeks ago, I visited Leigh Industries to tour the factory and see some new products, like the VRS.

Now we have the details for the VRS. There are five models.

  • The VRS D24 is $69.99 and fits the D4R (and the D4, D3, D1258R, D1258).
  • The VRS 16 is $64.99 and fits the D1600.
  • The VRS 12 is $59.99 and fits the Super 12 jig.
  • The VRS 18 is $64.99 and fits the Super 18 jig.
  • The VRS 24 is $69.99 and fits the Super 24 jig.

Wait….what’s a Super Jig? See the details here on Wednesday.

We should have them in stock in July.


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