Nov 212014
The Down to Earth Woodworker: Politically Incorrect Woodworking Gift
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Your hobby or vocation is woodworking.  You love it.  You think about it all the time.  Woodworking is almost your “grand obsession.”  You read the Highland Woodworking catalog on the subway, train, or in your car (only at stop lights, please!).  You watch YouTube videos about woodworking at lunch.  You are in your shop every […]

Nov 202014
Now available: The November 2014 issue of The Highland Woodturner
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We’re already gearing up for the holidays and in this month’s issue of The Highland Woodturner, we released our Woodturner’s Holiday Gift Guide – full of tools, books, and other gifts that would be perfect for any woodturner. This month’s issue also includes: Tool Review: Silky Gomboy Saw – Curtis Turner gives an overview of […]

Nov 192014
Doing a Turning Demonstration - General Information and a To-Do Checklist
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Editors Note: This is a continuation of Temple Blackwood’s article from the November 2014 issue of The Highland Woodturner, which you can read by CLICKING HERE. I encourage you to engage in doing regular demonstrations as part of your woodturning service to others, both organizations and individuals, because you will ultimately gain in skill, confidence, […]

Nov 112014
Making Shavings with a Tool You Created: Scott Meek's Smooth Plane Class
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This weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to take a plane making class with Scott Meek of Scott Meek Woodworks. Scott designs and crafts fabulous wooden hand planes and was going to be teaching us his process for making a wooden smoothing plane. We started off the class by going over some differences between wooden […]

Nov 062014
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I was riding around with a contractor one time and we saw a sign advertising “Ten Famous Nails”.  I immediately wondered who would celebrate 8d, 10d, 10d brite finish, double head form nails and all the rest.  I could think of many more than ten nails and had a vision of bins full of nails […]