Jul 182017
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I have a lot of interests, only some of them related to woodworking, so my reading plans for the summer are somewhat diverse. But let’s start with woodworking. First on my list is David Esterly’s The Lost Carving: A Journey to the Heart of Making. Having read this one previously, I know it to be […]

Jul 132017
My First Day at Center for Furniture Craftsmanship
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Molly Bagby is an employee at Highland Woodworking who is taking the 2 Week Basic Woodworking course at Center for Furniture Furniture Craftsmanship. Although she grew up at Highland Woodworking from a mere 1 week old, her knowledge of woodworking skills is limited. With this class, she intends to change that. You can follow her on […]

Jul 112017
Tips from Sticks in the Mud – July 2017 – Tip #2– Modifying a Portable Air Tank
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No Southern-fried Southern boy wants to be called a Yankee, but we share the characteristics of shrewdness and thrift. Thus, each month we include a money-saving tip. It’s OK if you call me “cheap.” This little modification will make your portable air tank infinitely more useful: Where it originally came with an attached hose, turn […]

Jul 102017
Poll: How Do You Feel When Non-Woodworkers Call You a Carpenter?
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How do you feel when non-woodworkers call you a carpenter? I suppose I was a woodworker in 7th grade, when I took wood shop in Mr. Boney’s South Park Junior High class, but I wasn’t very good at it. It seems I could never get anything square, or make good-looking joints. That was 1964, and […]

Jul 092017
Tips from Sticks in the Mud – July 2017 – Tip #1 – Portable Air Tank
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Welcome to “Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop.” I am a hobbyist who loves woodworking and writing for those who also love the craft. I have found some ways to accomplish tasks in the workshop that might be helpful to you, and I enjoy hearing your own problem-solving ideas. Please share them in the COMMENTS section of each […]

Jul 052017
Intro - Basic Woodworking Class at Center for Furniture Craftmanship
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My name is Molly Bagby and I have been involved with Highland Woodworking since I was a mere 7 days old (or maybe even earlier than that). Once my Mom, Sharon Bagby, recovered from pregnancy she started back to work right away and brought me with her. While I don’t remember much from those early […]

Jun 302017
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Making Things Work, Nancy R. Hiller (Putchamin Press, 2017) Hilarious, engaging, and relatable, Hiller shares her philosophy of work with anecdotes drawn from her life about what constitutes success and the bumps in the road getting there. For some, her coarse language and tendency to call a tool a tool might irk a bad conscience. […]