Nov 292018
Keeping Track of Our History with the Heirloom Growth Ruler
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When my kids were 4 and 6, we decided to move to a new house. The house was in a great Massachusetts town with good schools and a friendly community, and the house came with nice, new, clean walls. Our old house, in contrast, had a doorway leading from the kitchen to the pantry that […]

Nov 272018
First-Person User Experience with a Festool Sander and Dust Extractor
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I am a woodworking hobbyist, having worked with wood the past ten years. I enjoy making large and small furniture items as well as cutting boards for home, family and friends. I recently purchased a Festool ETS 125 REQ 5 inch Random Orbit Sander. I have another 5 inch random orbit sander and a 6 […]

Nov 202018
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Not all of us have beautiful natural light pouring through the windows of our shop. And even if you do, you may still need more light in your shop. The sun does go down at the end of the day, after all, and we aren’t always done with our woodworking by sunset! If you are […]

Nov 152018
Book Review: Mortise & Tenon Magazine, Issue 5
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We are excited to present the brand new fifth issue of Mortise & Tenon Magazine! Take a look at what Norm Reid had to say about it: Once again, Joshua Klein and his co-editor Michael Updegraff have brought forth an eclectic and engaging gathering of articles about matters woodworking in Mortise & Tenon Magazine, Issue […]

Nov 132018
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We all love spending time in our workshops, but what if we could make our shop a little nicer to be in by adding a couple of capable accessories? Listening to some music or a sports game would certainly make that sanding task go by more quickly. And a brightly lit space is much more […]

Nov 072018
November Poll: Is Plywood Acceptable in Fine Furniture?
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Is plywood acceptable in fine furniture? And, while we’re at it, what is fine furniture? Is it furniture made only with hand tools? Is it made only with solid wood? Is it defined by certain joinery? My answer to all those questions is, “Whatever gets the job done, has an eye-pleasing design, has well-fitting joints, […]

Nov 052018
Dusty Tissues – Tips from Sticks in the Mud – November 2018 – Tip #3
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Welcome to “Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop.” I am a hobbyist who loves woodworking and writing for those who also love the craft. I have found some ways to accomplish tasks in the workshop that might be helpful to you, and I enjoy hearing your own problem-solving ideas. Please share them in the COMMENTS section of each […]