Apr 282020
Some Ideas for Reading, While We Wait
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Norm Reid has reviewed many woodworking books for our monthly newsletter, Wood News, and he knows a thing or two about good woodworking reads. If you have been looking for a new book to pass the time (when you aren’t working out in the shop), you ought to take a look at Norm’s suggestions in […]

Apr 232020
Turning a Singing Top
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In the April 2020 issue of Wood News, John Wolf shares his process for a unique woodworking project: the spinning top. Spinning tops are often the first project taught to new turners, particularly if they are 12 or younger. Some of us are still fascinated by tops even though that 12 year old mark was […]

Apr 212020
Is SawStop Worth the Price?
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Some years back, before he actually purchased a SawStop for his shop, Steve Johnson (the Down to Earth Woodworker) decided to do some deep thinking and some calculations to determine if the SawStop would be worth the price. I know first hand what an excellent table saw feels like, sounds like, and how it performs. […]

Apr 162020
Marshmallows and Hide Glue
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I subscribe to the New York Times (All the News That’s Fit to Print) Sunday only. It comes to my driveway and it is my habit to sit in the truck and read for about three hours. In the winter time, the seat is heated and in the summer it is cooled and I can […]

Apr 142020
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In this new video, Jim Dillon demonstrates his method for quickly getting a hand plane blade for a bench plane sharpened and back to work. Watch this step-by-step video and you will be on your way to a shop full of sharp tools!

Apr 092020
Book Review: The Craft of Veneering
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For the April 2020 issue of Wood News Online, Norm Reid reviewed Craig Thibodeau’s excellent guide, The Craft of Veneering: I’ve recently become interested in delving into the practice of incorporating veneer into some of my projects. To get started in this, I’ve read several books on veneering. While each has its strong points, none, […]

Apr 072020
Stories from Grandpa’s Workshop: Fretwork for Fretful Times
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In his new column in the April 2020 issue of Wood News, Bob Rummer shares how woodworking can affect four key dimensions of our mental health and well-being. I have written about some of the psychological benefits of woodworking before, how shop time can help us manage anxiety and stress and contribute to a more […]