Jan 062022
Stories from Grandpa's Workshop: King of the Pines
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For the January 2022 issue of Wood News Online, Bob Rummer shares some reflections on the King of Pines – western white pine: As a woodworker, I think about trees and forests and wood a lot. Show me some wavy grain and I will be drawn into deep thoughts about the meaning of life. There […]

Jan 032022
January 2022 Woodworking Poll: What is Your 2022 Woodworking Resolution?
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It’s a new year and as with the start of many new years, a lot of us have things we want to accomplish or change. This month we want to know if you have a resolution specifically geared toward woodworking and if so, what are you looking forward to accomplishing in your workshop for 2022? […]

Dec 232021
Project: Double Bass Build
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Way back in the December 2018 issue of Wood News Online, Steve Erling showed us how he built a beautiful double bass at his son’s request: My 30 year old son wanted to buy a double bass, but the cost for a good one was in the tens of thousands. He asked me if I […]

Dec 212021
Turning the Corner: Holiday Nut Bowl with Hammer and Anvils
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For the December 2021 issue of Wood News Online, Temple Blackwood shared a recent project he did – multiple replicas of his friend’s 1914 heirloom nut bowl (complete with hammer and anvil): One of my friends approached me last August with his heirloom maple nut bowl (once dropped, broken, and repaired) asking if I could […]

Dec 162021
Stories from Grandpa's Workshop: A Hand for Woodworkers...
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For the December 2021 issue of Wood News Online, Bob Rummer shares a few key woodworking task factors to keep in mind to minimize your risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Our hands are an incredible part of the body. Biomechanically there are 27 degrees of freedom (different ways the hand can move) in the hand/wrist. […]

Dec 132021
December 2021 Woodworking Poll: What Are You Making for the Holidays?
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A handmade gift is always very meaningful during the holidays and as woodworkers we’ve got a lot of tools in our belt to help us make the perfect gift. Whether it is a small puzzle toy for a child or grandchild or a brand new kitchen table, many of us have been in our workshops […]

Dec 092021
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In this short video, Justin Moon takes a closer look at the Fisch Wave Cutter Forstner Bits. He explains their purpose and what sets them apart from other forstner bits, demonstrates the various ways they can help you on a project and offers some tips for using them in your own shop.