Oct 022019
October Woodworking Poll: What Kind of Wood Finish Do You Prefer?
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In last month’s Tips column, I wrote that I’m a wipe-on poly kind of guy. What’s to like about wipe-on poly? Gee! Just about everything! It’s reasonably priced. There are a kazillion (sorry, Steve) manufacturers, so, if you have a favorite brand, you can choose it. It’s relatively non-toxic, and you can even purchase water-based […]

Sep 262019
Atlanta Woodcarvers Club Carving Day at Highland
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This past Saturday, September 21st, five members of the Atlanta Woodcarvers Club came to Highland Woodworking to show off their carving skills. They set up in the Highland Woodworking carving tool section and spent about 3 hours working on a variety of projects including small dog figurines, several relief carving designs, and comfort birds. The […]

Sep 242019
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Finally, outfeed support for a tablesaw that doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space in the shop! If you’ve ever tried to cut a large work piece on your tablesaw, you know it can be dangerous without some sort of outfeed support. And if you are already hard pressed to find space for new […]

Sep 192019
Attend a Carving Demonstration This Saturday at Highland!
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You’re invited to stop by Highland Woodworking on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 anytime between 10am-1pm to watch the Atlanta Woodcarvers Club demonstrate their carving techniques on our sales floor! Several members of the club will be on hand doing different carving demonstrations and answering any questions you may have about their carving processes. Visit the […]

Sep 172019
An Interview with a Highland Woodworking Instructor: Jim Dillon
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In the August issue of Hock Tool’s monthly newsletter, we saw the familiar face of perennial Highland instructor Jim Dillon in a fantastic interview. Many woodworkers local to Atlanta have taken classes with Jim and many more of you have seen some of the videos he has produced on the Highland YouTube channel, including ones […]

Sep 122019
Family of Movers
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I had some visitors in my shop this week and one of them noted all the mallets and hammers. I explained that sometimes you want things to move and most of the time you want them to move quickly. I spread some of the movers out on the table saw to take a photo and […]

Sep 102019
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If you’ve been thinking about getting a Dovetail Jig for your shop but you aren’t sure which is the right one for you, this video might help you decide. With a comparison of the Leigh D4R Pro and the Leigh Super Dovetail Jig, the video breaks down the body construction, finger style & joint spacing, […]