Feb 292016
POLL: Would You Rather Work on Improving Your Shop or Work on Projects?
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Do you like working on your shop more than making things that come out of your shop?  Whether you call it “making shop furniture” or building cabinets for the shop, do you enjoy simply improving your shop?  To me, there’s something special in making the workspace better. Of course, I think we all enjoy buying a […]

Feb 262016
Get WoodWorking Week 2016: Join Us!
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Open Invitation to Fellow Online Woodworkers — Tom Iovino and I (Morton) are very excited to invite everyone to participate in this year’s Get Woodworking Week.  It’s a chance to promote our craft to the online community at large and encourage everyone to get some time in their shop, or create a shop!  The purpose […]

Feb 252016
The Plane Facts: The Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide
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I recently bought the new Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide. Along with the Honing Guide I also bought two of the seven additional sets of jaws designed for this guide. These jaws increase its functionality, beyond the included “main” jaw set, for Lie-Nielsen’s blades and chisels. There is a disclaimer that lets one know that if it isn’t a Lie-Nielsen tool then they […]

Feb 182016
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Working at Highland Woodworking, I’m often asked to assist customers with their band sawing questions, of which resawing is a frequent topic. Fortunately for woodworkers, there are plenty of articles, books and videos for use as reference guides to help one navigate the tricky waters of resawing. Suffice it to say most standard two-wheeled shop […]

Feb 162016
New Wood News Column - Show Us What You've Made With Your Highland Woodworking Tools
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A lot of our customers like to send us pictures of what they’ve made with the tools they’ve purchased from Highland Woodworking and so we’ve decided to make a new column in Wood News Online called Show Us What You’ve Made With Your Highland Woodworking Tools. Our first column feature was a Homemade Dog Sled made by Bruce Wollison […]

Feb 052016
Class Review: Sharpening For Turners With Hal Simmons
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The Wednesday evening is cool and clear as I walk toward my favorite shop in the world. I make my way up the stairs, pausing as usual to admire some of the framed craftsmen photographs, excited to add a new skill to my bag. I’m on my way to take a Highland Woodworking workshop, the first I’ve ever […]

Feb 032016
Join the International Wood Collectors Society (IWCS)
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In 1947 a small group of wood enthusiasts from around the United States started a society dedicated to collecting wood, naming it the International Wood Collectors Society (IWCS), opening membership to people from around the world. Today there are over 500 members from 32 countries in the society. The founders started the IWCS with an […]