May 032018
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Make your grinder more effective for tool sharpening with the Veritas Grinder Tool Rest and add on the Veritas Chisel and Plane Iron Jig to make sharpening even more easy and repeatable. Justin Moon walks through the setup and use of these extremely helpful tools in this short video. Click here to find out more […]

May 022018
Highland Woodworking's 40th Anniversary Celebration Wrap-Up
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On Saturday, April 28th, 2018, we celebrated Highland Woodworking’s 40th Anniversary! We were excited to have our special guests Nick Offerman, Roy Underhill, Thomas Lie-Nielsen and Chuck Brock. We also had demonstrators from Festool and SawStop as well as a carving demonstration by Jim LeClaire. Our guests and demonstrators were located throughout the store offering […]

May 012018
Book Review: Mortise & Tenon Magazine, Issue 4
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We are excited to present the brand new fourth issue of Mortise & Tenon Magazine! Take a look at what Highland Blogger, Terry Chapman had to say about it: There was always a standing joke around our house when we would see a truck with a big sign on it that said “Baled Pine Straw, […]

Apr 132018
Entrepreneurship Interview with 3rd Graders in Decatur, GA
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Yesterday, Chris Bagby (also known as my Dad and one of the Owners of Highland Woodworking) and I went to Winnona Park Elementary in Decatur, GA where we were interviewed by a class of 30 3rd graders taught by Mr. Matthew Hicks. The class is currently studying Entrepreneurship and they have had several business owners from around […]

Apr 122018
Book Review: Good Clean Fun by Nick Offerman
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Back in the December 2016 issue of Wood News, Norm Reid reviewed actor/woodworker Nick Offerman’s newest title Good Clean Fun. This excellent book provides a look inside the inner-workings of the well-known Offerman Woodshop and much more! If you’re looking for a good time reading about wood, woodworking and woodworkers, you need go no further. […]

Apr 102018
Tool Review: Leigh B975 Box Joint & Beehive Jig
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In the April 2018 issue of Wood News, Jeff Fleisher take a closer look at the all new Leigh B975 Box Joint & Beehive Jig, a great new tool that simplifies the process of making box joints and ensures the consistency of your joints. The Leigh Box Joint & Beehive Jig is the perfect jig […]

Apr 042018
April Woodworking Poll: Do You Use/Trust the Laser On Your Tools?
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  Measure twice, cut once. Such sayings are legendary, sage advice. We all know that accuracy is one of the most important factors in a good woodworking outcome. Usually, it’s a matter of “taking the time.” Taking time to mark accurately, line up a cut accurately, and execute the cut accurately. Whether a butt joint […]