Mar 242021
Book Review: Country Woodcraft: Then and Now
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For the March 2021 issue of Wood News Online, Norm Reid reviewed Country Woodcraft: Then and Now: What we have here is an unusual book. Country Woodcraft: Then and Now is the second edition of a long recognized classic, a pioneer in its field, a welcome re-release for a new readership and, most likely, the […]

Mar 102021
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In the March 2019 episode of The Highland Woodworker, Chuck took a look at the impressive support and dust collection provided by the Leigh VRS1200 Vacuum & Router Support for PORTER-CABLE 4200 Series Dovetail Jigs. Take a look at the video below and see if the VRS1200 Vacuum and Router Support is the right tool […]

Mar 042021
Stories from Grandpa's Workshop: Lessons Learned
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For the March 2021 issue of Wood News Online, Bob Rummer addresses different types of learning. He then discusses how each type of learning affects your woodworking skills over time: One of my earliest lessons in the shop is marked by a thin white line across the back of my left thumb. Through pain and […]

Mar 012021
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The Wikipedia definition of Woodworking is “the activity or skill of making items from wood, and includes cabinet making, wood carving, joinery, carpentry, and woodturning.” Based on this definition, woodworkers are made up of a variety of different people: cabinetmakers, woodcarvers, carpenters, woodturners, and many others. This month, we want to know how you classify […]

Feb 252021
Making Rustic Boxes
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For the January 2021 issue of Wood News Online, Norm Reid writes about one of his favorite woodworking projects: making wooden boxes. When his friend offered him some rustic looking wood, Norm got creative and used it in his box making. Recently, a friend tore out a fence where he works and saved me a […]

Feb 232021
Turning a Bundle of Spindles
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For the February 2021 issue of Wood News Online, Temple Blackwood shares his opinion on turning multiples: The most typical questions asked by my woodturning students and demonstration bystanders regard turning multiple copies of the same design. “Do you get bored?” “How do you sustain your attention?” “Are they really the same?” “What is the […]

Feb 182021
How to Install Router Bits
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Almost everybody knows that the “proper” way to install a router bit is to bottom it out in the collet, then withdraw it 1/16″ to 1/8″ before tightening the collet nut. Almost nobody, however, knows why. We’ve never seen an owner’s manual divulge the secret, and we’ve seen the real story in print only once […]