Sep 012020
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The internet has introduced many new ways for us to delve into woodworking including YouTube Channels, blogs, forums, websites…and the list goes on. Before the internet, the only real way to get inspiration was from published magazines like Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking, or public programming like The Woodwright’s Shop and The New Yankee Workshop. […]

Aug 272020
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You’ve learned how to remove rust that has accumulated on your woodworking tools. Now take the next step and try these preventative measures to keep rust from taking hold in the future! In the video below, Justin Moon demonstrates several excellent rust prevention products and procedures for keeping your workshop rust-free.

Aug 252020
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In the 10 minute video below, Justin Moon reviews a number of different products and methods you can use to remove rust from many of the tools in your workshop. If you discover that one of your beloved woodworking tools has got a coating of rust on it after a long, humid summer, take a […]

Aug 202020
Making a Classic Woodworker's Mallet
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Are you looking for a quick, one-day project to make in your shop? In the August 2020 issue of Wood News, Randy Cordle shares his mallet making process. Recently, I’ve had a bit more free time in the shop and it occurred to me that a proper wood mallet might make a nice single day […]

Aug 182020
Grandpa's Workshop: Jack of All Trades
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In the August 2020 issue of Wood News, Bob Rummer talks about different woodworking specialties and the challenges of choosing which ones to learn to use in your own shop. One of the wonderful things about woodworking is that there is such a rich landscape of specialties and skills that can be explored. You can […]

Aug 032020
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We sell a variety of brands and tools here at Highland Woodworking, but one tool you can’t get anywhere else is our award winning Wood Slicer Resaw Bandsaw Blade. Woodworkers have been using the Wood Slicer for over 25 years and have had many things to say about it:  The cut was so easy, and […]

Jul 142020
Women in Woodworking: Jessie Green
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In the July 2020 issue of Wood News, Char interviews woodworker Jessie Green, and learns what she means when she says her motto is ‘go big or go home’. Building from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, within her three-car garage, Jessie not only works full-time, but also wears the crown while she and her husband raise their […]