Feb 012019
February Poll: Do You Wear a Nail/Carpenter's Apron Inside the Shop?
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  There are web sites and YouTube channels that run down Festool. There are channels that run down your favorite YouTuber. I get that. Not everybody likes the same thing, and not everyone can keep their opinion to themselves, or follow Mama’s advice: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” I’ve […]

Jan 282019
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We’ve got another episode of The Highland Woodworker premiering shortly, but in the meantime you can watch a preview of the upcoming episode now! If you ever want to catch up on any past episodes, check out The Highland Woodworker Archive offering hours of past episodes and woodworking fun!  

Jan 242019
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You can get so much done in a shop with a quality router table, and the Kreg Router Table System can help woodworkers of all levels finish their projects faster, more easily and with greater precision than before. Mike Morton offers a thorough tour of the Kreg Router Table System in the video below, helping […]

Jan 232019
Sharpen This, Part 1 - by Christopher Schwarz
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At Highland Woodworking, we are pretty fanatical about sharpening, and we know Chris Schwarz shares our feelings about this. When Chris was updating his Sharpen Up or Shut Up keynote address for us to publish in Wood News last month, he suggested to us that our readers might be interested in his entire ‘Sharpen This’ […]

Jan 172019
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In this classic video, Roy Underhill, patron saint of extreme hand tool woodworking, takes the SawStop PCS for a drive with a piece of southern fried chicken during a visit to Highland Woodworking. Take a look, below! 

Jan 152019
Article: Milling Wood the Hard Way
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In the latest issue of Wood News Online, Bram Gallagher tells the story of milling a salvaged tree that was being taken down in his neighborhood.  I was initially disappointed to find out that the tree they were felling was a Bradford pear, that despised tree that smells like rotting fish in the spring and collapses […]

Jan 072019
January Poll: Are You a Packrat?
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I admit to being one, and I’m going to submit strong evidence in support of you being one, too. As many of you know, one of my interests is birding. “What is birding?” some of you are asking. My earliest avian-studies mentor, the late Judith Toups, used to say there were three levels of bird-interest […]