Mar 122007
Small Shop Dust Collection Simplified
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Dust control is something you know you should do, but where do you start and how do you proceed? You’ve probably asked yourself questions like, do I need a central system, what about grounding and how much is this going to cost?

Feb 232007
Coiling Bandsaw Blades
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Coiling bandsaw blades is easier than you think. As with many apparently complex woodworking chores, complication arises from trying to assimilate or carry out too many steps at once. Taken one at a time, each step is almost childishly simple and easy to accomplish.

Feb 212007
The Flowing Forms of Furniture Artist & Sculptor Sabiha Mujtaba
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Blending her talents as a master craftsperson and designer, Sabiha Mujtaba creates original custom wood furniture and art pieces. While adhering to the functional principles of furniture making, Sabiha’s primary focus is on the aesthetic relationship between rigid and flowing forms. Her work is influenced by her South Asian heritage and by her love of […]