May 112007
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Hock Tools makes a large selection of excellent quality hand plane blades. In this video, Ron Hock explains the benefits of his blades and shows how to set up hand planes. It’s 8-1/2 minutes – so it will take a long time to load on a slow connection. Blair

May 092007
Upgrading your Anant Rabbet plane
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A while back, one of our customers e-mailed me about upgrading his Anant #77 Rabbet Plane. He wanted to know if there was a better quality plane blade that would fit, even suggesting that the blade for the Clifton 3-in-1 plane might work. Well, I knew that neither Lie-Nielsen nor Hock offered blades to fit […]

May 082007
New Red Hot Special!
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Don’t miss the new Highland Woodworking Red Hot Special! Our brand new Set of 6 Soft-Sanders is 20% off, but quantities are limited, so you’ll have to act fast! Visit Highland Woodworking to order yours! If you don’t see the Red Hot Special icon on our homepage, that means we’ve sold out, so check back […]

Apr 302007
Rust Removal & Prevention
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  Question: I have an old table saw & jointer that I inherited from my father. His father bought them in the 1950s and they still work great. However, the tools have developed some rust on the table surfaces. It’s not deeply imbedded rust, but there’s a significant amount of it on the tops. I’m […]

Apr 252007
Tormek 2006 Supergrind Sharpener Special!
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FREE TT50 Truing & Dressing Tool! For a limited time only! While supplies last! We’ve never seen an easier, more efficient way to sharpen cabinetmaking tools, turning and carving tools, knives, and practically anything else to a razor edge—even jointer and planer knives. The Swedish-made Tormek 2006 Supergrind Sharpener runs a water-cooled 220-grit aluminum oxide […]